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November 2023 Arthritis Council Workgroup: Partnerships and Strategies to Sustain and Disseminate AAEBIs Call

Arthritis Council Strategy 1 Workgroup’s discussion on partnerships and strategies to sustain and disseminate AAEBIs (Arthritis Appropriate Evidence-Based Interventions).

The workgroup aims to provide a platform for national and state partners to engage in discussion about various aspects of AAEBI capacity building, delivery, and sustainability. During the call, Kate Lorig from the Self-Management Resource Center (SMRC) presented on programs such as the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP), Workplace CDSMP, and Chronic Pain Self-Management Program. She highlighted that much of the information about these programs is available on the SMRC website.

The document also discusses sustainability ideas, including the use of State Medicaid Waiver Lists, partnerships with the Agricultural Extension Service/Office, Local and State Foundations, Community Colleges, and Hospital Community Benefits Programs to secure funding for program fees.

Additionally, the document provides information on marketing materials and recruitment strategies for programs, such as the Implementation and Fidelity Manual available online, the SMRC listserv for ideas and suggestions, and flyers and marketing tools created by Virginia and New York.

Overall, the document focuses on sharing information, strategies, and resources to support the sustainability and dissemination of AAEBIs.

The next workgroup meeting is scheduled for December 14th.