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Iowa Community HUB

The Iowa Community HUB is a resource for 3 audiences:

1) Individuals seeking more information about healthy living and/or want to be connected to resources/programs,

2) Program Providers seeking resources and information to help them be more successful in delivering programs, and

3) Clinicians seeking to learn more about evidence-based programs and easy ways to find and refer to those programs.

The homepage includes a Program Locator for the state of Iowa where new program partner organizations and their programs are constantly updated. Individuals have a number of ways to connect with programs all of which can be found on the site:

  • Talk with someone
  • Search online
  • Search the map

The site includes a Program Library to learn more about programs, and people can refer themselves or others directly from the site.

Within the Individuals and Families page: people can take a risk test and print off to share with provider; can search programs and services; access quick links to programs and services within their zip code and access caregiver resources.

Within the Program Provider page: program providers can access various resources to help them be more successful in delivering their programs. We have a connection to the Action on Arthritis site here as a resource.

Within Clinicians page: Clinicians can learn more about evidence-based programs, the benefits of, access various resources, and make a referral from the website.